My Photography Style

Every photographer develops their own style, myself included. 

I err more toward artistic than reportage, but during weddings I tend to switch more to a documentary style. 

What does this mean? Well, every photographer starts by learning the basics, formal posing, lighting etc. It’s a rite of passage. And there are plenty of photographers that shoot wonderful images in this way. However, as an artist, my preferred style is a bit more natural. When shooting portraits, I will not look to sit you on a chair, legs crossed with a light grey background, turned 45 degrees to the camera, lit from both sides. Guaranteed to get a good photo every time, but it’s also guaranteed to look like every other formal image, from school photos onward, and it doesn’t really reflect your personality, or your life.

So, my styles: Reportage; this means that I will aim to shoot you in situ in some way. Somewhat like my selfie above. Of course, there’s artistic styles as well, such as my silhouette above, but I tend to stray away from formal portraits. Documentary, this, for me, means that I tell the story of your wedding day. Instead of a series of formal poses during your day, I’m looking to dissolve into the background, and allow your wedding day story to tell itself, capturing that through images that will tell a story that you recognise for years to come. Have an explore of my galleries to get some better ideas about my style.