Tours and Workshops

Our tours and workshops can be held individually or for small groups.



Bespoke tours in Switzerland designed to reflect your needs, abilities and budgets.

Kenya Safari

A tour of Safari parks in Kenya photographing wildlife and local culture.


Photography basics

Learning photography can be a challenge. From getting to know your camera, to understanding the exposure triangle, to moving on and using your camera in Manual.

This workshop is still in planning stages. Please check back for updates, or contact me directly if you wish to participate in the first Group.

Lighting masterclass

This masterclass teaches various aspects of lighting.

From On-camera flash to multiple studio lights, you will be working with a professional model to look at how different lighting works to produce different results.

This class is open to all. The focus is on lighting, so you should have a reasonable understanding of how your camera works. (See our photography basics workshop)

Female Form workshop

Looking at lighting techniques, posing, and working with models in a studio environment. This workshop may involve nudity, please ensure that if this offends please do not book.

This workshop is only available to adults above the age of 21.