Photo Booth

Photobooth… Just a bit of fun??

Umm… Well.. just a bit. 😉

This is the “silly corner”. Weddings can be formal occasions, until the photobooth is introduced. Careful, Grandma might well have an inkling to be a rock star!!

What is it?

In a corner of your reception venue, (5m x 5m) a mobile photo studio is created. Here you will find a professional quality digital camera, a backdrop of your choosing, professional lighting equipment, and a remote control..

Now you are in charge.. Supply your guests with silly dressing up gear and let the fun begin.. Your guests will see the flashes as the booth is explained to one or two, and then word of mouth does the rest. (A glass of champagne helps too!)

All photobooth photographs are supplied to you unedited at the end of the evening on a USB key (no further editing will be done on these images). Your guests are welcome to purchase a key on the evening, or you can purchase a bundled package. Images are copyright free, so you may share them as you wish.

Terms of supply: Please note, since the equipment is being left unattended, the hirer is responsible for all loss and damage. proof of insurance, or a deposit is required. Please ask for further details. 

Ooops… 😉