Female Form Workshop

Female Form

This workshop contains nudity and is only open to people over the age of 21.

The female form has, for millennia, been portrayed as the essence of beauty.

In this workshop we explore how the female form can be used to produce fine art and images of beauty.

Working with a professional model, we work through camera placement, lighting and  posing of models.

This workshop is with professional models who at times will be partially or completely nude. Because of this, the following rules must be strictly followed:

  • This is not a “pick-up” opportunity. Any inappropriate behavior, lewd comments, attempts to touch or anything else that is flagged by the model will result in immediate expulsion from the workshop with no opportunity for refund. Models will be respected at all times.
  • Your workshop includes basic release clauses. The model is professional. This means that any public display of images made in this workshop must also include links back to the models professional details. If you wish to display images on a professional website (a website that alongside the image, advertises services or sells goods or downloads) must be specifically agreed directly with the model. Additional expenses may be requested at the discretion of the model.