Switzerland Tours


Whether you’re looking to enjoy the majestic mountain peaks, the tranquility of the lakes, or exploring Swiss life in its towns and villages, we can put together bespoke tours to suit your interests and budget. 

For photographic debutantes, all our tours can include photo lessons to help you improve your skills.

Inclement Weather

As a photographer, I always say “There’s no such thing as bad weather”. In general that is just a platitude, but in Switzerland, it’s more often than not, true. 

Switzerland is a country of extremes: In the summer we get scorching dry heat from the Sahara, raising temperatures in the valleys to as much as 40C. In the winter it can reverse, and temperatures on the mountain tops can reach as low as -40C. The lakes make moisture which in turn can brew sudden and violent storms. 

But this will bring action to your images. Blue skies rarely give the best images anyway, and with the tour crossing a wide range of different geography, it’s sure that we can adapt the schedule to ensure a wash out day isn’t a wash out.

At worse, there’s always the thermal pools to keep you warm. Ever run through snow to jump in a swimming pool?